"Highly recommended read "The Once and Future Queen". Wholly absorbing, grabs your attention from the very first page."

Linda Murray Murphy : Co. Longford Ireland

A very magical book Maggie. Gripping stuff. Loved it. Teresa Brady Granard. Ireland

A real page turner. S.Liedtke Bristol UK.

"Chapter 2 & already hooked ! "

Dot Macmin  Gwent. Wales U.K.


"Didn't tell you I'd bought it mum but of course I did. Anyone told you you can really write? Bit strange reading a good book by your mum though !" D.Wilkie  England

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​An independant volunteer review by Clemens Nickleby of "Thumbing Through the 70s" by Maggie O'Brien. ONLINE BOOK CLUB  Review..........
............"Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you..." You wrote a fantastic book! That is what I would say to Maggie O'Brien about her '70s travelogue adventure,Thumbing Through the '70s. I defy anyone to read this book and not come away with vivid impressions of people and places from a time when bell-bottom polyester pant-suits were considered quite fashionable and the Beatles were all still living. Maggie is an excellent story-teller......free-wheeling and free-thinking.
 Across every border, Maggie manages to encounter genuine kindness, generous hospitality, and curious coincidences. Maggie's personality shines through as she narrates her travels in well-crafted slang and idiom. I expect she speaks the same way. Indeed, the whole book is like a conversation between two friends; she talks and the reader listens. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. Her allusions to literature and fairy-tales helped to make her descriptions and impressions lively and interesting.​

Maggie O'Brien      

Joy Hooper We would just like to say BLOODY MARVELLOUS! ... it's one of those books where you start feeling upset straight away because you know you're going to read it so quickly and then it will be over. X

"What a revelation reading Maggie's amazing book, an engrossing read that takes you over. This book transported me across the universe and back again. Wonderful writing - thoroughly recommended."

​            Clare Stephenson: Bristol. U.K

Maggie O'Brien, has written this incredible book. I'm reading it in bed every night and I'm in awe since the beginning.                            Rhiannon Williams S.W. England

 Exceptional storytelling.... an intriguing yet kindly tale, lived by the characters you meet rather than written by an author. An ample book that ends too soon.   Stephen Warrilow . Abbeylara. Ireland