Thoroughly recommended. No gossip, no popular's great...

​Clare Stephenson Bristol UK

Clare Stephenson Bristol UK

Meteoros, Damian Marvaldi, Ceci Maon, the Rock Guitarist Stephen Warrilow and me...what a night!

The company , food and drink were awesome

Wherever these people went...I was there.         Helen Carleton. Co. Longford Ireland

​I love the history in this.....Michael Nally.  Granard. Ireland

" A magical little book" 

Madda Bergeret  Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Argentina.

Hey! At least I made Cachorro laugh !

Don't bother me am busy reading The Once And Future Queen drinking wine ...what do you mean the kitchens on fire sort it out Dillon... Wow  Jane Dillon :         Barnsley, Yorkshire UK

Mary Atkinson Durham England.

Enjoying reading ,The Once and Future Queen , a refreshing change and very different to the books I normally read. Well done Maggie. 

Me and a very good book!

Peter Bjalkvall Gottenberg.Sweden

Maggie O'Brien      

                 Laura Sommerville. Hereford. UK.

The latest novel by author Maggie O'Brien. A very good read.

 Lorraine Cipriano
near Toledo, OH, United States ·
2 AMAZING things going on in this photo...the first one clearly being that I have on a pair of hot socks...the second being that I am reading Maggie O'Brien's, wonderful book, "The Once and Future Queen". 

The great Cachorro Lopez & Sebastian Schon, Meteoros & Little old Me in Buenos Aires