Laura Sommerville. Hereford. UK.the latest novel by author Maggie O'Brien. A very good read.

Mary Atkinson Durham England.

Me and a very good book!

Peter Bjalkvall Gottenberg.Sweden

Thoroughly recommended. No gossip, no popular's great...

​Clare Stephenson Bristol UK

Clare Stephenson Bristol UK

" A magical little book" 

Madda Bergeret  Buenos Aires.

Enjoying reading ,The Once and Future Queen , a refreshing change and very different to the books I normally read. Well done Maggie. 

Wherever these people went...I was there.         Helen Carleton. Co. Longford Ireland

​I love the history in this.....Michael Nally.  Granard. Ireland

Meteoros, Damian Marvaldi, Ceci Maon, the Rock Guitarist Stephen Warrilow and me...what a night! The company , food and drink were awesome

Don't bother me am busy reading The Once And Future Queen drinking wine ...what do you mean the kitchens on fire sort it out Dillon... Wow  Jane Dillon :         Barnsley, Yorkshire UK

Maggie O'Brien      

Buenos Aires Argentina.

The great Cachorro Lopez & Sebastian Schon, Meteoros & Little old Me in Buenos Aires

Hey! At least I made Cachorro laugh !

 Lorraine Cipriano
near Toledo, OH, United States ·
2 AMAZING things going on in this photo...the first one clearly being that I have on a pair of hot socks...the second being that I am reading Maggie O'Brien's, wonderful book, "The Once and Future Queen".