Much more than a

travel book. Social history brought to life &  overflowing with that freedom that was the '70s. Funny too !  

            S.Warrilow- Irealand.

A rollicking ride through my favourite decade, wriiten with love, warmth and humour. O'Brien's writing is often stunning- Leo Racicot- U.S.A..

Enchanted Forest :

Front cover design.

What a fabulous book ! Transported me

Breda Fitzgerald -Ireland..

'Logic will take you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere'                                                             Albert Einstein

January 2019 "Thumbing Through the '70s"   see reviews ( Amazon)

Psalm for the Patriarchs...

In the mother's womb afloat, pale pink something, tiny boat..............

We come as sailors seeking land.We leave as but footprints in the sand


​Until the lion learns to speak

​we have only the hunter's story

Until each sane man finds his voice

​the insane bask in glory

"This book should come with a caveat. You don't read it, you live it. There are lots of great travel books out there but this one should be at the top of your list."

​----------------------Ananya Halder. USA.

2nd edition revised cover.

In Other Words.

A collection of rhymes on Life Love & Laughter.    Beautifully illustrated by Stephen Warrilow

Commissioned Portrait

Commissioned Portrait

' Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere'                               Albert Einstein

Remote Trackway Illustration. 

"  Quite simply a magic carpet ride. Loved it. "

Pamela Brady. Ireland


     Front cover                                                back cover

A truly inspirational read, so much so that it has changed my life.
Written with a rare honesty, you are transported across the world through the eyes of a wonderfully witty and wise woman.

C.Stephenson-Faure- Weston-Super-Mare UK

Maggie O'Brien      

Ancestral Landscape

Illustration /Back cover