Far too many to number here. I love Hesse, Borges but A.A. Milne and Rupert Bear played their part. I love Shakespeare, the theatre, art (Impressionists) and concerts. I have developed a love of history and archaeology and all things past that don't quite ring true.


I live in rural tranquility in the Republic of Ireland. The nearby town is tiny, We still burn turf on the fire and for cooking. There is no light pollution but a huge canopy of stars  outside our cottage door.​

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There seems to be an infinite number of reasons, excuses and distractions to help me avoid creative writing or painting. Perhaps I come up with them so that  I reach the point where the well of creativity inside me just bursts. Then everything flows.

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Maggie O'Brien      


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Cartronbore Granard  Co. Longford Rep.Ireland
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My roots

  I was raised in Southmead, Bristol,England. by an English mum and Irish dad. School began at age of 4 years and continued until I was 21 ! Hey ho! No wonder I put a bag on my back and took off as soon as I could .......

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